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Publication language: English

Baeza-Yates, R., University of Chile, Santiago, Chile; Goles, E., University of Chile, Santiago, Chile; Poblete, P.V., University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

LATIN 1995: Theoretical Informatics

2nd Latin American Symposium Valparaíso, Chile, April 3 - 7, 1995. Proceedings

1995. IX, 525 pp. Softcover

This volume constitutes the proceedings of the Second International Symposium, Latin American Theoretical Informatics, LATIN '95, held in Valparaiso, Chile in April 1995.
The LATIN symposia are intended to be comprehensive events on the theory of computing; they provide a high-level forum for theoretical computer science research in Latin America and facilitate a strong and healthy interaction with the international community. The 38 papers presented in this volume were carefully selected from 68 submissions. Despite the intended broad coverage there are quite a number of papers devoted to computational graph theory; other topics strongly represented are complexity, automata theory, networks, symbolic computation, formal languages, data structures, and pattern matching.

Keywords: Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Computational Mathematics,

Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. VOL. 911

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